Wednesday, November 15, 2006

GROW games

If you have time to spend and I mean a LOT of time, why not try out how well you'll do on one of the GROW flash games? Take Grow Cube for example, the latest of the series. No instructions, just 10 simple buttons you can click on at any time.

Click image to play

Here's the catch. Each item depicted on these buttons, becomes part of the "world", be it a sphere, a map, or the cube as is the case here. The point is to max out every single item. To do so, you have to think. The connections between them, how one affects the other... Find the right order and watch the flash world magically evolve! Why not give it a try? And if you feel generous, tip the creator for his intelligent games :D


Geo said...


aurora_eyes said...

Me katestrepses!!! Den borw na ksekollhsw!! Epishs mallon eimai gkaou, afou den exw kataferei se kanena paixnidi na ta bgalw ola MAX! :((

Anonymous said...

Den ise gkaou afta einai paloukakia mono ton kyvo exw kataferei egw.


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