Friday, November 03, 2006

Weekend Wall 32

I've been cleaning my room these days after my frustrating 2 months exams period... I found loads of junk to throw out and I still have to find place to put all these boxes with ancient CDs and VHS. I also had to throw out my origami paper cranes T_T *sniff*

This deviation was created by goliath09. Are YOU a collector? If so, what is that you're collecting? From stamps to bottle caps, to expensive clothing, it's in our nature.


mr. F said...

I have a tendency to keep everything but I try not to because it fills up my room's space and I can't move! Even now, my room is crumped with stuff all over the floor, bed and desk.. I should tidy it pronto!

mr. D said...

I'm cool. I'm a tidy bitch. ;)


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