Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tune of the week #31

my baby’s got the lonesome lows
don’t quite go away overnight
doctor blind just prescribe
the blue ones

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Doctor Blind

Metric's vocalist Emily Haines collected songs she wrote by herself, for herself, after friends suggested she should record them. Knives Don't Have Your Back is her 2nd solo project and I'm really glad I had a chance to get a hold of it. Just don't listen to Doctor Blind when YOU also have the blues. It's moody, sulky, depressing, mellow and... amazing!

Visit Emily Haines' official site and watch the clip. It's spooky!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Weekend Wall 31

Click image for full view

Being a fan of Halloween and Kingdom Hearts, what else would this week's wallpaper be? Halloween is closing in! Check out Aenaos' post for more info! Enjoy people! It's "trick or treat"-ing time! ^_^

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogger Beta

I've gone and changed my blogger account into the beta one.

I wonder WHY the hell I did it, since it screwed with my excellent header and my blog's sidebar :(

Oh, the blog title appears twice, it messes with the image Paskalip created, but I HAD to type something "thanks" to the "wonderful" beta *#%^@!D^@(*#@curses*
Thank God Paskalip came to the rescue!

Oh well, please try and make yourself like this new "style". I'll perfect it when I have some time. Now is really NOT the time.

IMPORTANT: Haloscan commenting is not supported and I switched to the original blogger commenting system. I've lost all comments from the blog, but they're saved for my viewing pleasure in my haloscan account.

To comment, simply click on "thinking" under each post!

P.S. The only think I really DO like, is the awful "publishing" sign, during posts and template updates. And the new tree archive, so I won't have to make lists for wallpapers, tunes and japanese words. Just click on the little arrows for a drop-down menu! :D

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Japanese word of the week #13

Here it comes again, in trembles...



Meaning: fear

... it's near its end, in shivers...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tune of the week #30

It's cold and snow's actually on the ground of this no-snow town.
and instead of cars, street's trafficing in sleds.
Men become boys again.
And there's a war on the corner with no guaranteed winner.
It's just a snow fall of snow balls, evidence of the winter.

Minus the Bear - Hooray

This Seattle-based band offers unique instrumental compositions with prominent guitar strings and technicality in their music. They are known for their amusing song titles and this tune is from their latest album Menos el Oso.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Movie review in one paragraph:

Film noir
set in the 00s, with technicolor and high school kids speaking like exact counterparts of their 30s and 40s ancestral characters (the girl victim, the detective with the brainy sidekick, the Kingpin, the diva with her lapdog, the cunniving woman, the mindless muscle and the crazy snitch - you most certainly will need an urban dictionary), undecided yet whether it's hilarious, or intriguingly mysterious, but certainly worth a watch.

Out on DVD for Region 1 and 2, a new (as of 19th October) theatre release in Greece (only Athens' screenings for the time being). Official site HERE.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Πώς να γίνετε ρεζίλι #1: Στο εκλογικό κέντρο

Μιας και σήμερα αφιέρωσα με μία κρίση βλακείας, καθιερώνω νέα στήλη! (καλά πείτε το σειρά ποστ). Καλή μου αρχή!

Ιστορίες από προσωπική εμπειρία...

1) Μπαίνετε στο παραβάν με τίτλο: "Νομαρχιακές Εκλογές" για να ψηφίσετε για τις "Δημοτικές", όπου ο “καλός κυριούλης” παύλα δικαστικός αντιπρόσωπος, θα σας φωνάξει να πάτε στο σωστό...

2) Κάνετε 10 λεπτά με το ρολόι να αποφασίσετε ΠΟΙΟΝ θα ψηφίσετε για δήμαρχο...

3) Στο δεύτερο γύρο, όπου δε σημειώνονται σταυροί στο ψηφοδέλτιο, ρωτάτε γιατί δεν υπάρχει στυλό. Γιατί εσείς είχατε σκοπό να ρίξετε άκυρο γράφοντας πάνω στο λευκό: 政治屋 (= seijiya = corrupt politicians) και αυτοί σας χάλασαν τα σχέδια!

Μα πείτε μου, δεν είναι αντισυνταγματικό αυτό;;; Απαιτώ το δικαίωμά μου, να ρίξω άκυρο, πίσω!

Υ.Γ. Πάλι ο Παπαγεωργόπουλος βγήκε στη Θεσσαλονίκη... Τουλάχιστον η θεία μου θα χάρηκε...
Υ.Γ.2: Πάρτε και μια ρώσσικη τεχνική του διπλώματος των ψηφοδελτίων... ΕΔΩ

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weekend Wall 30

For all the ladies out there! (OK I admit I may be tempted to change my current background to this one at some point :P)

Please know that my IMPORTANT NOTICE still stands... I'm keeping my fingers crossed so my fan never stops again.

A wonderful deviation by ~laichro

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'm having once again (last year was HELL), trouble with my PC.

My PC's PS (power supplier) and its fan suddenly stopped working and I had to blow... to get it to spin once again. Since this shouldn't be the way to make it work, I won't be on the PC as often and MAY not update my blog till October 31st or early November, when I'll take the whole tower for inspection.

My friend Paskalip offered to give me a PS of his if he hasn't thrown his last one away that is, so I may be up and running much earlier. But for the time being, I'm sorry if I take some time to update, if you like my blog and posts :(

Thanks for your understanding and wish me luck!

I have to write my thesis come November anyways, so I cannot afford to lose my precious PC :(
All fingers crossed!


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tune of the week #29

It’s not meant to be like this, not what I planned at all,
I don’t want to feel like this, Yeah,
No it’s not meant to be like this, it’s just what I don’t need,
Why make me feel like this, it’s definitely all your fault.

Imogen Heap - The Walk

Instead of simply saying "Take a hike", "The Walk" travels you among the lofty clouds with Imogen's voice as your guiding spirit. So dreamy!

From her 2005 album Speak For Yourself.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Airport Security: The Game

I'm quite certain this game was made after 9/11. Play as an airport security guy, checking each boarding passenger for prohibited items, ranging from tooth paste and toilet seats to their very own clothes! Give it a try! I know you want to see them naked :P

Click the image to link to the site and start playing!

P.S. You'll have to endure a stupid ad before the game starts but as the site name says, it's truly addictive!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Japanese word of the week #12

Some say we have one every night...


Meaning: dream

... what matters is how much we can remember...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Weekend Wall 29

I'll just copy what I saw written when I first caught a glimpse of this fine deviation:

Slick and professional, UNIMED - BEIJO by ~leoplat is worth a look.

Simple as that! It's worth more than one look. It's worth a place as your wallpaper for the week and you know it! ;)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tune of the week #28

They're Canadian (it seems I've found lots of Canadian gems lately) and sing Succexy ( = Successful + Sexy)

Metric - Succexy

Invasion's so succexy, they say, so, maybe they're right. It's easy to catch on this tune and start singing along. I don't know about the part with the cash masturbation. *rolls eyes* Maybe you could enlighten me?

From the album Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Weekend Wall 28

Tea Party Disaster

What is there not to like in this wallpaper? The "emo" hairstyles? The preppy/geeky clothes? The astronaut? How about the stars and balloons? Oh, the robot and spaceship? Thought so. Such a nice tea party, ain't it? You'll have to thank puncturedscrotum for it. Visit the rest of his punk/rock/out there drawn gallery HERE!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

싸이보그지만 괜찮아 (I'mA Cyborg, But That's OK)

싸이보그지만 괜찮아 (Saibogujiman Kwenchana) is one of the movies I'm most looking forward to watching next year. By the talented Chan-Wook Park, director of the "vengeance trilogy" (Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance, Oldboy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance) movies you have to watch in case you haven't already. This time, it's a really different film. People have already started comparing it to Amelie, but hmmm we'll see. (In any case, I wonder how that connection came up...)

The story of a girl (Su-jeong Lim) who thinks she's a cyborg, ends up in a mental institution and starts having feelings for a guy there (Rain - check the post about him being in this year's TIME 100) who can supposedly absorb the powers of the people around him.

So, meet Shinsegye Mental Hospital's Couple of the Year, as the poster says:

Trailer found on the great Greek blog Movies For The Masses. Make sure you visit Greek readers and read news and reviews from the world of the cinema.

P.S. If you liked it, Twitch provided a link to download it HERE.
P.S.2 No release dates as of yet...
T.I.P.S. (= Totally Irrelevant Post Script) I really wanna learn Korean :(

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thought #29: Τι; TV?! το σήκουελ

"Είμαι κόρη Καρνελούζου και μ' έκανες περιπτερού;;;" έτρεξα και φώναξα στη μάνα μου. Εκείνη στη σκέψη ότι ο γιος της σε λίγο καιρό θα βγαίνει τσάρκα στη Συγγρού (έχουμε κι εμείς εδώ στη Θεσσαλονίκη), θα φοράει φουστάνια και θα δουλεύει ως περιπτερού υπό το όνομα Ντάνα, με χαστούκισε και έβαλε τα κλάματα... Μετά της είπα πως είναι σίριαλ, καινούριο, στον ΑΝΤ1, "Δις Μαδιάμ" και κάπως ηρέμησε.

Έπειτα βγήκα και πάλι από το δωμάτιο, ουρλιάζοντας πανηγυρικά "το πήραμε"! Δε δύναμαι να φανταστώ τι μπορεί να πέρασε από το μυαλό της ταλαίπωρης στο άκουσμα των δύο αυτών λέξεων. Είχα παθιαστεί τόσο με το Survivor: Ελλάδα - Τουρκία που νόμιζα πως είμαι και γω στον Παναμά. Περιμένω πως και πως να δω τον "ελληνοτουρκικό έρωτα" που θα κονταροχτυπηθεί με τα "Σύνορα της Αγάπης"! Της είπα να πάω και γω (μπορεί να βρω και το άλλο μου μισό!) και με έφερε στα συγκαλά μου χτυπώντας με μπαμπέσικα με τη φράση: "Δε θα άντεχες ούτε μια μέρα".

Κανονικά θα έπρεπε να πεισμώσω! Αλλά δεν είμαι για να τρώω πουλιά Παναμιώτικα, ψάρια αγνώστου προελεύσεως και καρύδες σε κάθε πιθανή συνταγή. Συζητούσαμε όταν πρωτοξεκίνησε το Survivor στην Ελλάδα με μια φίλη μου (διαβάστε το νέο ποστ του Aenaos για τη φιλία ΕΔΩ!!!), για το τι θα παίρναμε μαζί μας ως προσωπικό αντικείμενο. Αυτή απάντησε: "Μια νταμιτζάνα νερό". Εγώ θα ήθελα έναν υπολογιστή με σύνδεση στο ίντερνετ και προμήθεια σε σοκολάτες για κάθε μέρα παραμονής στο νησί. Εσείς;

Και τώρα βλέπω Όλα 7 και ξέρω πως για να γίνω γνωστός, το μόνο που έχω να κάνω είναι να γίνω ρεντίκολο στην κοινωνία (δείτε Στόκο-Τόκο) και ο Θέμος θα με καλέσει. Λέω να πάω να δοκιμάσω εκείνον τον κορσέ της αδερφής μου και τα μπαλαρινέ και να βγω στην Αριστοτέλους. Μπορεί και να πιάσει! Θα κάνω το "Πέταγμα της Πεταλούδας" (τραγική καλτ παιδική εκπομπή με συνομήλική μου σε τοπικό παρακμιακό κανάλι στα '90s) αλλά σε παραγωγή 2006-2007. Η συνομήλική μου είχε εξέλιξη. Μοίραζε φυλλάδια ντυμένη "έβαλα το σακί απ' τις πατάτες γιατί δεν έβρισκα φούστα, έπιασα και τα μαλλιά μου κότσο και το παίζω Πειρατίνα της Καραϊβικής" στην πρεμιέρα της ταινίας. Χειροκρότημα! Υποκλίνομαι!

Υ.Γ. Τα γεγονότα που εξελίσσονται σ'αυτό το ποστ είναι αποκυήματα της νοσηρής μου φαντασίας.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tune of the week #27

Step right up you’re the next contestant
In this sweet charade
Take a number, wait while I twist your fate

Bitter:Sweet - The Mating Game

The Mating Game is a mellow song as inviting as the title implies. You know what you have to do ;) Enjoy :)

Japanese word of the week #11

Open the door...



Meaning: room

... now, don't be afraid...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Axe Effect

Spray More - Get More is the tagline of the currently running AXE deodorant spray ad. I saw it a few days ago on TV and couldn't get the music out of my head. For anyone who's wondering which "song" it is, trusty Google gave me the answer after a few searches. Karl Jenkins' Dies Irae from his album Requiem.

Interestingly enough, Dies Irae (meaning Day of Wrath), is a famous 13th century Latin hymn! Gregorian music power! Hahaha :) I love the ad by the way. The guy isn't that perfect and looks kinda silly when spraying himself and having a geeky grin of excitement and pleasure. I would be scared to death, had I found myself amidst a women-stampede! What do you think?


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