Sunday, December 24, 2006

Santa Claus: The Great Imposter?!

While looking for something "Christmas-y" to post this holiday season, I stumbled upon (without using stumble this time, as I did my... research, well before I had installed it :P) this particular site. What one may find here, apart from the fact that he or she "CAN BE SAVED" near the end (which made me roll on the floor laughing) is that Santa Claus is NOT who you think he is...

As Old Saint Nick is making his final preparations, wrapping the last of the presents, feeding his reindeer for the big night, throwing a -hell- of a party to congratulate the elves for helping him... dark forces are at work! For he, according to the site, is the Devil incarnate! So, the devil, gets his chance to overthrow God once a year, at the night before Christmas, when he tries to buy the children to his side. Why one would appear to be a kind hearted, plump, old man with a white beard, is really easy to guess. The devil likes playing tricks and is the master of disguise. And who could be more suitable to become a follower of a false god than innocent children?

Rummaging out references from the Bible, the Old and New Testament, poems (!!) and drawings (!!), it really is quite intelligent, the way the "author" of this article presents his arguments. It makes you even question your own faith in the red clothed old man who you wished would bring you presents each year. Sorry to burst your bubble, he doesn't exist, but I wish he would (although I've seen lots of movies where adults believe in him once again - take Sandra Bullock for example). Of course the site agrees to his being imaginary, but this is yet another trick by the evil one. To warp our minds!

Follow THIS link to Aenaos' greek Christmas post where he questions the diligence of Sandy Claws (lol! Nightmare Before Christmas reference) to deliver presents to the whole world! (Well, Aenaos, maybe he has branched his business and made the rest of the Santa Claus family a substitute for each region)

"The Great Imposter" is a well put together piece, but to me, it looks just like an attempt by another sneaky and tricksy someone, to convert people to "the right faith". Let's all just be children this Christmas season and not let anyone get to us. Feel the happiness and joy we should and get lost in the magic this holiday has to offer.

I hope this Christmas time finds you in great health, brings joy and all that's best to each and every one of you.

Merry Christmas! (oh how I wish it'd also be white!!! *sigh*)

Oh! And ho, ho, ho! I hope you weren't bad boys and girls this year!!! *wink*

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