Friday, May 18, 2007

In a dream

I'm not sure whether I was out and had just returned, or in the bathroom or something, and I walked towards the window to the balcony. One thing was for sure. I was in a sort of a bungalow, but it had a balcony and in the one opposite my own there was a party going on. Lots of people together with their kids were having fun, or simply sitting and drinking while enjoying music and the laughter of the young ones.

On the wooden floor right outside my room, two recliners. People would inexplicably appear to be enjoying themselves in them, although "my place" wasn't part of the party grounds... I thought it was weird but didn't want to spoil the children's fun, so I was about to shut the door, lie down on the bed and sleep not saying a word. Suddenly, two guys round my age burst in the room from the balcony and acted as if they were at home. One lied on the bed and the other was turning on the TV while laughing hysterically. I was terrified as well as pissed off to say the least, but something on them made me feel powerless. I told them to get out and please leave me alone, but they wouldn't listen and sarcastically snapped back at me.

Rushing down to the lush, marbled, reception office, I burst out crying and couldn't find the strength to tell them what was going on. One receptionist, dressed in a black suit with golden buttons, scornfully looked at me, ignoring my pleas for help. After I managed to breathe properly once again, he said he'd give me a pair of keys to the room and a third key which would be used to lock the doors after they left. But who would tell them to get out? I was scared of also being robbed since I had left all my stuff with strangers, so I begged the guy to follow me and tell them to get out.

Feeling helpless and tired, I rushed back, only to find them still inside even more perversely evil than before. Something was telling me I shouldn't mess with the street-style clad guys and I was once again feeling uneasy... And then I woke up gasping for breath...

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mr. F said...

wraio oneiro... poly maresoun tetoioi efialtes..vazoun ti zwh se ali prooptiki. btw des to blog mou egine thea.


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