Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Top 3 Tunes (31.05-06.06)

Funny date today... 6/6/06. Evil will walk the earth and all that crap :P Anyways, while you're cowering in a corner hiding from the Devil, take your ipod with you and listen to these songs:

No.1 : The Feeling - Strange

No.2 : Tracy + The Plastics - Henrietta

No.3 : Richard Cheese - Crazy

All these songs are either strange, crazy, or produced by lesbian feminists (read about Tracy + The Plastics on wikipedia).

Oh I should say: Explicit lyrics people! Beware of Richard Cheese's mind-blowing lyrics (and jazzy tunes)!

Thanks sethdove for entries no.1 and 3 and thanks prigipissa for no.2! ^_^

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