Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thought #23: Dirge for a lost princess

The streets have felt her footsteps
as she wandered through the crowds,
her crystal shoes would echo
every time she'd move about

The crown she wore upon her head
spoke of her royal blood,
her fancy gown would still suggest
the elegance she had

Some saw her as an apparition
and those remained untouched,
to few revealed fully exposed,
her skills were quite unmatched

Her legend shone intensified
each time 'twas said she'd killed,
the dragons and the demon fiends,
their insides she had spilled

Unholy lands were purified,
their kings were overruled,
she messed with every evil scheme,
the wisemen she had fooled

Returning to her homeland,
the one she most adored
had been possessed and found no rest
to kill him he implored

The sudden, awful twist of fate,
she couldn't bear to watch,
she carried out her lover's wish
and fled in great remorse

Crying for months for what she'd done,
she vanished from all sight,
her psyche damaged, heart turned dark,
she sought her inner light

The Furies shadowed her en route,
they meddled with her mind,
she left cadavers here and there,
her sorrow made her blind

Fear not! for she won't penetrate
the heart of every man
she has found peace, please stand at ease,
I'll sing as best I can

For I'm the only bard alive
who knows her tale in full,
please listen to the words I say,
my lyre's sullen tune

Her famous, strong phantasmal sword
dexterously she'd wield,
but she found solace now, at last,
and forced herself to yield

Come join the grim pavane I say,
the stately dance of yore,
my lady's feats, her sweet repose,
are told in books of lore...

©2006 *l0v3l3ss

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