Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogger Beta

I've gone and changed my blogger account into the beta one.

I wonder WHY the hell I did it, since it screwed with my excellent header and my blog's sidebar :(

Oh, the blog title appears twice, it messes with the image Paskalip created, but I HAD to type something "thanks" to the "wonderful" beta *#%^@!D^@(*#@curses*
Thank God Paskalip came to the rescue!

Oh well, please try and make yourself like this new "style". I'll perfect it when I have some time. Now is really NOT the time.

IMPORTANT: Haloscan commenting is not supported and I switched to the original blogger commenting system. I've lost all comments from the blog, but they're saved for my viewing pleasure in my haloscan account.

To comment, simply click on "thinking" under each post!

P.S. The only think I really DO like, is the awful "publishing" sign, during posts and template updates. And the new tree archive, so I won't have to make lists for wallpapers, tunes and japanese words. Just click on the little arrows for a drop-down menu! :D

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Aenaos said...

Megeies megeies! :D


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