Friday, October 27, 2006

Weekend Wall 31

Click image for full view

Being a fan of Halloween and Kingdom Hearts, what else would this week's wallpaper be? Halloween is closing in! Check out Aenaos' post for more info! Enjoy people! It's "trick or treat"-ing time! ^_^


mr. F said...

It reminds me of the dead bride of Clive Barker.

oni said...

Perhaps you're thinking of the Corpse Bride by Tim Burton? He's also the director of Nightmare Before Christmas, where these characters come from (except from Donald, Goofy and Sora of course).

enteka said...


pervert said...

OMG THEY'RE EATING OOGIE BOOGIE, SORA U BAAAASTARD. a btw eimai level 79 sto KH, otan ftasw 81 paw aisiws gia sephiroth XD

oni said...

@enteka : Thanks ^_^ Glad you like it :D

@pervert : They're not eating him! They're MAKING him! :P He's a bag of worms! LOL! Congrats on your KH greatness ;)


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