Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thought #40: Let's go outside

The wind is howling outside tonight. This night is so magical. How I wish that your breath was rustling the curtains, your body emerging from behind their embrace. The air particles are playing tricks on me tonight. I'm dreaming of you. Your face, your smile, even that laugh of yours. Your image brings chills down my spine and burns my heart. My body can't decide, since my mind hasn't decided yet either. To love and to hold. But forever? Nothing stays forever. For as long as we can. Open your arms.

The blindfold I've put on both our eyes should never be taken off. Or my dream will end. And my disgusting vision decay my ever beating heart. Dewdrops in the morning will tell the story of us both. How they travelled from wet lips to wet lips. Ours.

And then you kissed me...

1 comment:

Attalanti said...

:)))) Υπέροχο, γλυκύτατο... Φαίνεται και ειλικρινές...


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