Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Globes, the Brits and the Ugly

So, last night was the big night for the world of entertainment. The 64th Golden Globes awards ceremony was held in California and what can I say about the winners! I think most all deserved the globe they got.

Check out who won what right HERE

We have Babel and Dreamgirls for best movie, 7 British actors/actresses winning awards, Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep for the respective categories of best actress in a drama and comedy and last but not least Ugly Betty leaving with the globe for best comedy series and America Ferrara who stars in it getting the best actress award for her "ugly" Betty role. Let me remind you that the Globes nominate TV series as well. I was delighted to learn that Hugh Laurie won for House and that my favourite drama Grey's Anatomy got the award it deserved. Oh, Paskalip, if you' re wondering, Cars did win the best animated film award.

Was a bad night for DiCaprio I guess. He didn't win best actor although he was nominated twice in the same category. Also, The Departed went home with just best direction. Now that these awards are history, we have one more road to follow. The road to the Oscars. Let's see if it'll be a bumpy one...

* Official Golden Globe Awards' site
* IMDB's Best and Worst of the Globes

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