Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tune of the week: #39 all over again?

Well, it should have been #40 (and I know I've missed a few weeks during the holidays) but to tell you the truth, my chart toppers were Spitz once more.

So I'm just asking YOU, since you never seem to be arguing my choices, or I don't get any visitors (most probable), or you're simply keeping mum each time I post a new tune:

Which was YOUR favorite tune this week?

I can't wait to listen to some great fresh music!


Βορέας said...

This is love - Utada Hikaru :P

mr. D said...

Kim Wilde - You Came 2006

oni said...

mr.d! OMG! I have a dirty mind T_T *shakes away devious thought*


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