Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Illusionist

Let me introduce myself. I am Eisenheim. The Illusionist. And this... is my story. I grew up wanting to be someone special, for myself, for her. But everywhere and everytime, we were not meant to be together. Obstacles, in many shapes and forms... One of them, the greatest for me to overcome. Now, I want to master all kinds of magic. Step up if you please, give me a handkerchief. And thus, I shall begin. Watch as the orange tree grows and the magic unfurls. How my story unfolds. How my love's still strong. Please, please, calm down. My intention surely is not to be accused of fraud. So keep in mind... Everything you will see here. It's a trick... It's an illusion...

Already out on DVD in the US, soon to be released in the UK, a masterful movie, with stunning visuals and mesmerizing performances. Highly, highly recommended. For more info visit IMDB's entry. Beware of spoilers.

1 comment:

Attalanti said...

Looks rather interesting - I shall demand it from people who can deliver :)

Και μετά αναρωτιέσαι γιατί σε λατρεύω; Τέλειο, αγοράκι!


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