Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Yesterday afternoon I wanted to occupy myself with something other than my paper due May... Well, I'm quite the "procrastinator". I'll do my best tonight though! Prolly... ¬_¬" So, I decided to watch the NANA anime episodes I had.

It is a story of two girls with the same name, who, in a twist of fate, will bump into each other and share an apartment and lots of memories together.

Komatsu Nana, nicknamed Hachi for acting like a faithful dog as Nana says, is a fickle girl of 20 years, always falling in love with the wrong guy; basically, always falling in love. And Oosaki Nana, an aspiring singer with a goth/rock appearance, too proud to accept the fact that she is still in love.

I rarely find myself moved by anime nowadays, but even the first line of the anime was enough to make me straighten my back and get closer to the screen.

"Nee, Nana. Do you remember the day we met?"

It's not just the words, it's the seiyuu's voice (seiyuu is the voice actor in anime). KAORU aka Midori Kawana does an excellent job. It's not just the voice, it's the scene of the window in the empty apartment. It's not just the scene. It's the episode as a whole. Its atmosphere, the subtle switch from happiness to sadness, both are remarkable. I loved the opening song "Rose" as well.

When I get this much excited, I search the whole web for more. I've found the manga, will start reading through it as soon as I can (still ongoing and 15 volumes long) and also found the live action movie. I watched it after lunch and I must say I'm not dissapointed. The two insert songs, Glamorous Sky and Endless Story are magnificent and were on the ORICON singles charts for weeks.

I like where the NANA series is going and I'm willing to follow. As far as I can tell, it's a story of a strong friendship and a depiction of two different personalities, helping each other when the times get rough. Hachi's story is especially sad, although she may come off as a bit too needy and naive. From the movie, I get that Nana's life was especially hard and her story comes as a shock to her roommate, since she's being so secretive about her private life.

My friend mr.f will probably be running for tissues to wipe his tears if he ever gets to watch the series, either as an anime, or as a movie. Mr.f do ask me if you'd like to see more ;)

IMPORTANT: If you would like detailed recaps of the anime episodes and the live action movie, starring Nakashima Mika, a famous singer in Japan as Nana and Miyazaki Aoi as Hachi, visit Garten's blog Memento. He is doing a magnificent job as an anime blogger in general. So if you're interested in anime visit! I'm constantly visiting his site and the two screencaps are actually his >_> First from the movie, the other one from NANA ep.1.

P.S. NANA can also mean 7 in Japanese and Hachi, except from being a popular name for dogs, also means 8.

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