Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Top 3 Tunes (19-25.04)

When you 're 19 years old, you can't do anything else but dance, dance to the rhythm of the Freemasons and I'll be watchin' you ;)

My favourite male japanese musician Suga Shikao, just released his latest single, 19sai, the opening to the new anime series xxxHolic. It's the only song without a dance tune but it's really jazzy and has quite a PV (promotional video), of a weirdo taking photos of girls in his apartment and then forcing them to have sex with him. Or something along these lines... So innocent! (>_>);; If you want to check it out, visit Memento!

So here are oni's chart toppers this week :

No.1 : Suga Shikao - 19sai

No.2 : Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance

No.3 : Freemasons Feat. Amanda Wilson - Watchin' (Radio Edit)

P.S. : I know someone would be mentioning it so... OK, I'm turning 23 this June, WHATEVER! I'm still a 19-year-old at heart! Even younger! :P I just hope my brains have evolved further than my heart's age :P

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