Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Taschen books

This is my new craze. The first Taschen book I ever bought must have been Manga.

Taschen is an art book publisher founded in 1980 by Benedikt Taschen in Cologne, Germany.

Taschen's publications are available in a variety of sizes, from large tomes detailing the complete works of Leonardo Da Vinci, to surprising, uncommon middle-sized books, to their "Icons" series of small, flexicover volumes which encapsulate themes of everything from old ads of Las Vegas to male nudes. The company has also produced calendars, address books, and postcards of popular subjects.

Taschen knows how to make every book's cover alluring, a captivating image, even when featured on a total white background. Such grandeur in simplicity can be seen on Signs.

Colorful is the cover of Design for the 21st century. I just recently bought Dali and Japanese Graphics Now!. Both for as low as 9.99 each! Such low are the prices of the books, the highest priced being the ones which offer tons of pages such as the critically acclaimed Architecture Now! series.

This year, Taschen is celebrating its 25 years and special 9.99 edition books are finding their way to stores every month! Some may be reeditions of the company's most successful titles, but don't think the quality is any different! They're all hardcover with high quality paper! Even when the writing is sparse, most of the times multilingual (I'm really excited Japanese Graphics Now! has Japanese and English), it's the images that speak a thousand words.

Take a tour of the site and find a title which suits your own interests. I'm sure if you're even slightly into art and photography, a title just for you exists! Art is everywhere: Fashion, designing, architecture, advertising, books, comics, cartoons... The list goes on. Make sure you check the upcoming titles!

Did you know that...

Taschen has published the most expensive book in publishing history, the $3000, 75 pound, 700 page GOAT (Greatest of All Time), a tribute to Muhammed Ali which Der Spiegel called "the biggest, heaviest, most radiant thing ever printed in the history of civilization." They have also published the $1500 Helmut Newton retrospective Sumo and a $2500 limited edition Araki volume.

P.S. Pictures taken from official Taschen site from titles Signs and Japanese Graphics Now! respectively. Quotes from wikipedia's entry.

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