Monday, April 03, 2006

School Rumble

Harima Kenji is obsessed with confessing to Tenma-chan. Tsukamoto Tenma feels exactly the same... for Karasuma-kun! Well, he doesn't give a damn... Nara Sentarou also likes Tenma, but he's a wimp. Harima mistakenly confessed to Sawachika Eri - the school's princess. She's admired by every boy in school, but has been never confessed to, since they all fear rejection. She's growing fonder of Harima every day. Yakumo, Tenma's younger sister, feels for Harima too, she loves his way with... animals. Hanai-sempai is lovestruck and tries his best to make Yakumo his, to no avail... Ichijou seems weak, but is a pro-wrestler in love with Imadori-kun. He, on the other hand is a perv, who can figure out a girl's cup size simply by looking at her breasts. The list goes on...

Confused yet?

Don't be! Start by watching the magnificent School Rumble anime, running 26 episodes long and its 2 OVA that follow! Then, get ready to feel the craziness and laugh your hearts out with the next season, starting today! Don't feel left out! Learn more about class 2-C 's crazy antics! Will Harima be able to confess his love to Tenma? Will her thick head get that he likes her? What will happen to everyone else in 2-C? And what was all that about a cultural festival showdown between 2-C and 2-D?

Time to make every mouth crack a smile with one of the finest anime series ever! Based on the still running manga by Kobayashi Jin, School Rumble won't let anyone down when it comes to comedy, but will also make you feel about each character and their struggle with unrequited love!

School Rumble 4 Ever!
The first season has won the following awards by the AnimeReactor community:

Best Newcomer 2004
Best Anime Overall 2005
Best Comedy Anime 2005
Best Female Character 2005
Best Male Character 2005

The second season of School Rumble has begun airing today, April 3rd!

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