Sunday, May 21, 2006

Finland wins ESC '06

Lordi, the "monster-band" from Finland, put up a hell of a show and rose to victory with 292 points. Look at the score-board HERE.

Rav showed me an interesting game to play during the next Eurovision Song Contest. The ESC Drinking Game! I'll make everyone play it next year!

Greece won 9th place, at least we won't have to qualify to the finals through a semifinal. It was sad that "outsiders" climbed way up high on the score ladder... Ukraine, Lithuania (gags once more), Armenia!!! Come on!!! Why???

I wanted Russia to win. I think Dima Bilan was worth the first place... Loved the song plus he is hot. LOL!

Well... See ya in cold Finland in 2007 Eurovision people! ^_^

P.S. Is it time for Despina Vandi to go to ESC now? Or would we be better off with Vera Lambrou?

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