Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My sweet DSC-W100

I got a digicam at long last! Here's the first pic I took with it! It's nothing much but I love my new digicam! Yay! OMG I'm so hyper at the moment my heart hurts!!! XD

Lots of kisses to all my friends! Sham or not ;)

Read Sony Cybershot DSC-W100 specifications HERE!

P.S. I used only 5 from the 8.10 Mpixel since I don't need such detail to capture my face XD Oh! Used red-eye reduction too ^_^

P.S.2 Please don't mind my jackets hanging, the mess to the right or anything in this pic. I'm not a professional photographer and it was taken in the spur of the moment without arranging anything.

P.S.3 paskalip if you're reading this, I want Photoshop!!! Puhleaaaaase!?! ^_^

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