Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Top 3 Tunes (10-16.05)

Rock tunes this week! Hooray! I probably have to explain a bit about my music interests. I'm a music person in general, I can listen to almost anything from classical music to screamo, as long as the song clicks with me somehow. This could either mean the rhythm and the music or the lyrics, or an even trifler thing such as how a certain word is being sung. I have to listen to songs a couple of times before I can tell if they're good or bad (always according to my tastes). Then I just play them on endless repeat... Till I get bored of the same "old" songs... xD My record is 58 times in a single day I think... I won't tell you which song that was ;) Yet... LOL! I was really blue that day.

No.1 : The Cinematics - Break

No.2 : Theory of a DeadMan - Santa Monica

No.3 : Staind - Right Here

So this week take a Break to Santa Monica and who knows, maybe you'll find out that whatever you were looking for was Right Here, instead of there, with you, all along...

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