Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Hills Have Eyes

First, the stars went blind due to seizures caused by lovely miss Hilton's video clip. Well it just seems that now, they lost their eyes to some New Mexico desert hills.

Paskalip had to endure my craving for blood and joined me in my quest for a cool splatter movie amidst the heat of the Greek summer (thank God I'm not living in New Mexico...). The funny thing is that although I love horror films, I'm easily scared. But it wasn't me who had his hands over his ears trying to avoid getting startled by the terrific sound effects and eerie background music :P

So... an American family of 6 plus one (a son-in-law) go on a trip through New Mexico to reach sunny California. Too bad for them that they listened to the advice of a "friendly" gas station owner who suggested a shortcut. A shortcut through the deserts... The very same that some 50 years ago were turned into nuclear test sites by the U.S. government. Some of the people living there at the time, denied leaving their houses behind and ended up undergoing horrific mutations due to radiation. These mutated individuals and their offspring feast on weary travellers passing through their territory. Too bad for our happy family...

Alexander Aja does yet another brilliant job in setting a most suiting atmosphere for a horror film, this time based on the original 1977 film by master of the genre Wes Craven. Don't miss out on Haute Tension, a French cult classic of the year 2003, the film which made Aja famous.

Returning to the movie at hand now, it is certainly NOT suitable for the faint of heart and features scenes of explicit violence and gore (now where have I seen this sentence before? Hmmm...). Sit back and enjoy this summer season's best blood rushing experience. Relax; but not too much... or you'll wet the seat.

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