Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Make your day brighter. Watch this.

It's one song and one video with two strong messages. On repeat. Since morning. This simple gesture, a free hug, is turned down. What's wrong with these people? It made my heart anguish in pain, when I saw the man holding the sign being looked at like some weirdo. And then, suddenly, people respond. A hug is an act of relieving one's pain, sorrow, sadness and worries, for sharing happiness and joy. And sharing love.

Let's all grab our signs and make someone happy for a day. Hugs mean caring. And not everyone is lucky enough to have someone to talk, laugh or cry to, to hug, and to love.

More info on how the Free Hugs Campaign began can be found HERE.

Thanks Nasia so much for sending this to me!

UPDATE! Some students went out giving free hugs in Thessaloniki as well!

1 comment:

en-lighted said...

apisteyto videaki!!apithano kai poli poli poli sigkinitiko .Ego epiasa ton eayto mou na xamogelao asinaisthita!!


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