Saturday, June 23, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance s03e08+09

This Paso Doble by Sara & Jesús ROCKED! The Queen remix really suited the choreography (at least for me), plus, it helped my loving their dance since it was so unique! I really loved most everyone except Shauna & Jimmy and Faina & Cedric. No wonder Jimmy (I was expecting Cedric to go to be honest...) and Faina were voted off by the judges. This girl may be from Russia but she needn't look that cold! Take Anya for example! She's hot! Dominic kinda disgusts me but his contemporary with Sabra got me "hooked"! Cheeky Lauren & twinky Neil were fun and so was the samba by Hok & Jaimie. On the other hand, Jessi and Pasha had done a great job dancing together (I didn't like the music but... anyway), but when they ended up in the bottom 3 (shock!) their solos were awful. And I love Jessi so much cause she's trying to break into the dancing scene in order to break free from a job she hates! Go Jessi! Go Sara & Jesús! Kameron & Lacey are still my favorite/sexiest couple but these two are getting close!

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