Saturday, June 16, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance s03e06+07

Since I'm not following anything at the moment, when it comes to American TV series, I started watching their version of SYTYCD. As opposed to ours, which I religiously followed each week, theirs gave me goosebumps. From the start. Also a first, me liking a contemporary piece. Wow! I don't even know Mia Michaels' career but let me tell you this choreography just blew my mind away. And for me, with no experience in dancing whatsoever, it was perfectly performed by Lacey Schwimmer (sister to last season's big winner Benji) and Kameron Bink. Loved them both and the song! Such passion! *drowns into it*

Two other interesting videos to watch from these 2 episodes are the group dance choreographed by Wade Robson at the beginning of ep.7 HERE and ep.6 had Jesús & Sara's pop-jazz to Cabaret Hoover, from The Triplets of Belleville soundtrack HERE. Amazing!

I know I'll keep watching for more!


ex Paulina said...

8es na to xorepsoume kai emeis??Paneukolo einai & eimaste kai oi 2 uperoxoi!8a to parousiasoume th mera pou 8a dineis 8emelia opote den 8a xreiastei na pw kai kanena kalo logo!8a milhsei to pa8os mas,h ailourweidhs kinhsh mas,h texnikh mas,ta idrwmena kormia mas!!:P

Neverlandean said...

Και μετά μου λέγανε για Μιτς και μαλακίες.


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