Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Greek choice for Eurovision

Superstar of Greece, Anna Vissi, performed 4 different songs tonight, before an ecstatic audience.

First choice, after the voting of both a committee and viewers' "televoting", with a percentage of 47.79%, Everything, hopes to bring a second no.1 to Greece.

Lyrics were written by the world renowned artist Anna Vissi herself and music by Nikos Karvelas.

The other 3 songs, Welcome to the Party, Who Cares About Love, Beautiful Night, gathered 26.33, 13.72 and 12.16% of the votes respectively.

Like her T-shirt wrote, when she came out to perform the winning song, a soothing ballad, EURO VISSI ON!

Here are more info on this year's Eurovision Song Contest held in Athens, Greece and Anna Vissi.

Go Greece! o(^0^)o


AMWN-RA said...

Το βλεπω για πατο χορευτικο τραγουδι επρεπε να παει...

mr. F said...

Ok we are tele-f*cked. That song s*cks and everybody knows it. Number 3 was the best.

Oh well, we can't win twice in a row. Not everyone is Paparizou nor can everyone choose a decent song for that matter.

geo said...

"Ευρώ βυζί ον"; Τι είναι αυτά; Απαπα... Αλλά αφού δεν νίκησε στα νιάτα της τώρα στα γεράματά; Πόσο θα χωροπηδήξει πια είναι και μεγάλη γυναίκα...


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