Wednesday, March 22, 2006

PeterPan - Mungkin Nanti

Here's the PV and the english translation of the song Mungkin nanti (meaning "Maybe later" in English). Once more thanks to Gina for sending me the song and the lyrics' translation!

I would just like to say
Maybe for the very last time
Just let go of everything
I guess this is the time
Maybe you've changed
Maybe the feeling is lost

Should we meet again
Please don't ask about the feelings that i left behind
About what we left behind

Leaving your dreams behind
Open your heart to the times we had together

Maybe you've changed
Maybe the feeling is lost

Chorus x 2

Don't you ask again
Just keep all your regrets with you
Just forget all the love you gave me

1 comment:

spookie said... are so hardworking! You even found the PV? Thanks. I haven't seen it yet.

Btw, are you gonna sing this song for us? Hehe....


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