Friday, March 31, 2006

Weekend Wall 4

Yes I know... I missed a week, but all the previous wallpapers were so good, you could do without another one for just one week. Hope it'll never happen again, but I can't promise anything...

This time it's a monkey! Oh noes! Another one for Funky Monkey I guess... Visit his blog!!! It's great fun!

Click image for full view

Titled Angel Yamazaru, kudos go to another deviant 0Effe0 an Italian with lots of creativity and talent! Thankies for this cute piece of art! Check more of his work HERE!

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mr. F said...

Visit it and register your blog there. It will help you I guess. I have already registered and thanks for mentioning my blog as great fun :*****
Right back at you with more compliments! You are an inspiration!


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