Saturday, September 09, 2006

Absolut Thessaloniki

I was rushing to the uni an hour before my exams so as to get a good seat and I stumbled across this particular ad of the well known Absolut vodka series. The people from Absolut chose my city as a centerpiece for their latest ad! It had no photomanipulation done or was this photograph altered in any way.

This is the heart of Thessaloniki. Aristotelous "plaza". I'd go with square, but as you can see it is un-befitting. I feel so proud of my city. There are numerous reasons why I love it so much, not taking into consideration the fact that I've lived here my whole life. I've done my share of travelling and I have never felt I could leave Thessaloniki. Greece, sure, but not my city.

When I make it in life and it will be time to leave my city behind, I'll be missing a lot of things. First of all my friends, but I guess they'll have left well before me anyways.

I'm thinking long walks by the seaside, making it from the White Tower to the Music Hall, drinks in the old harbor, food in any of the small "tavernas" around Athonos, watching unique movies from around the world during the International Film Festival in November, walking up or down Iktinou either to get to my Japanese class or to meet someone for coffee, playing board games at Playhouse, driving to Halkidiki for a swim (putting my friends in grave danger :P), to the new Mediterranean Cosmos mall for shopping and blockbuster movies... So many things I haven't written. But I can't babble for long. I've got to do some studying as well :P

Want to know more about Thessaloniki? Check the Wikipedia entry!

More Absolut ads here and you can visit the official Absolut site here! See ya everyone!


Anonymous said...

I just visited your city, and I love it. It has the right size, lots of shops, tabernas, life in the streets, the sea... I love it! I will come more often, for sure. Bravo sas!
A Spanish guy

oni said...

:O I'm so honoured ^_^ First of all, you visited my blog and second, you liked Thessaloniki! Yay! :D I'm so proud! Hehehe :) I hope I can visit Spain soon enough. It's in my travel plans :) Make sure you visit as often as you like! :D

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