Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kingdom Hearts II

The RPG that will keep me occupied for the rest of the month (maybe even for 2 months) has finally arrived. In Athens at least. I had it ordered on Monday and by Tuesday noon I was holding my precious close to my heart.

Kingdom Hearts 2, a unique game, as it combines characters from Disney movies and the Final Fantasy series of games. For children you say? I find the themes introduced throughout the series, most intriguing and inspiring. It's not just a simple childish and cliched battle of good versus evil, it's the eternal struggle to keep one's heart in balance, weighing the choices in life. What is a Heartless and what is a Nobody? Does half a person with strong will, have a right to live his own separate path?

8 hours into the game and all I can say is WoW. Not World of Warcraft. The sheer remark of amazement. I find the story gripping. Most of all the story. I love it. Who cares if some areas are too easy, some too frustrating and some other fiendishly difficult? Who cares if the controls are so intricate and multilayered they make your head spin in the heat of battle? (You can always bash all buttons and make it out alive :D) I don't!

I have to find out what happens next. You should join me as well. In the fight over Kingdom Hearts. Now...

Will you take the road to light — or the road to darkness?

Want to know what took place in Kingdom Hearts (for the PS2) and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (for the GBA) ? Download the game scripts by clicking on the titles!

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