Friday, September 08, 2006

Back with a wall!

I'm back! Some come back with a vengeance, I've come back with a wallpaper!

My first exams period (I've got a second coming right after this one), is going smoothly and I found some spare time to make a post. I will continue to post things till about the 14th of the month, where this short break from the exams ends.

After news of Pluto being demoted to a dwarf planet and we 're down one planet, I got infatuated with astrophysics and the magic that is "keeping it all together". I should practice what the universe is teaching me. If I lose it now, I'm gone for sure! Aren't you curious how a globe can hold all these things on it while it still rotates its axis and the sun? My mind cannot grasp the idea.

This is the earth - Duh! :P

While trying to study, Grey's Anatomy keeps me company, maybe even more than it should, and my "teammate" Ioanna keeps me calm while we stress out together over the phone or even the MSN. I've been binge-eating on chocolate (Paskalip I may die!) and food in general and I guess I'll be a greasy tub 'o' lard by the end of October...

I'll have to go watch the Grey's Anatomy season 2 finale now, so if you'll excuse me...

Enjoy the wallpaper, made by Baro on deviantart and preferably visit his page to download the whole wallpaper pack which comes in all sizes of it and view the rest of his amazing gallery.

You can also google for Suri Cruise! She was finally unveiled! I like her! :D

Bis bald! :D Έτσι, για να θυμόμαστε θυμάμαι και τα γερμανικά μου :P

Wow! A multilingual post! LOL! :D

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